Ashura Holidays Update: AimFit studios and phone lines will remain closed on 11th and 12th October

Mariam Hamid

Hi there, I’m Mariam Hamid Khan – Senior Instructor at AimFit Fitness Studios. I am the Program Lead for BodyBlast: A fun and challenging Cardio & Strength conditioning program derived from athletic training. Also the Coordinator for CoreBlast: Specifically designed to target & activate the abdominal region. Programs I am qualified to teach at AimFit are: BodyBlast, DanceFit, LIFT, HIITFIT, CoreBlast & YogaFlow. Because of my background in design and creative solutions, I contribute towards the design and execution of choreographed workouts for programs such as BodyBlast, CoreBlast, DanceFit & YogaFlow.

I am a Fashion Design Graduate from Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design – Haute Couture Major from Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale Paris, France. I worked with Generation (PVT) LTD for four years as the Senior Designer. I have been a part of AimFit Fitness Studios since 2015. Lover of History of Art & Culture, Die-hard Potterhead and a budding home-chef.